It’s (almost) Christmas – the time for gift-giving – and to celebrate with our awesome readers, MUO is throwing a massive celebration, with lots of great prizes to be won.

One such great prize is a pair of flagship planar magnetic headphones from Audeze; LCD-5. These wowed us to no end during review, and we’ve acquired a pair of these $4500 over-ears to add to the prizes on offer. Let’s take a quick look at these great cans and how you can win them.

Win a pair of Audeze LCD-5 headphones!

We’ll tackle the important part first; How do you get your hands on a pair of these headphones? Well, all you need to do is enter our contest, which you do by signing up for one of our three brand-new newsletters (launching December 14th): MUO Linux, MUO Apple, and MUO Windows! You can find the instructions on the main giveaway page.

We have a pair of LCD-5 headphones to give away to one lucky reader, along with tons of other cool gadgets. Well, what are you waiting for? Enter now for your chance to win the Audeze LCD-5 and more!

What are the Audeze LCD-5 headphones?

You can read our full review of the Audeze LCD-5 for a detailed look at the ‘phone, but we’ll summarize it here for you, anyway.

Essentially, you’re looking at the flagship model of the Audeze range of audiophile grade headphones. They follow an over-ear form factor, and those ear cups feature Audeze’s patented planar magnetic technology, which means they’re going to sound great when you hook them up to your amplifier. After testing them, we can say with absolute certainty that you need to pair these with your hi-fi system and really see what they can do.

Thanks to the low impedance, it doesn’t take much power to drive these cans, so as long as you have a device with a 1/4-inch output for headphones, you’re golden. So, whether you have a little DAC on your desk, a DAP in your pocket, or a full blown headphone amp as part of your hi-fi setup, the Audeze LCD-5 will become your favorite listening companion.

Are you a manufacturer? Then enjoy clean, crisp sound with an excellent response time by integrating the LCD-5 headphones into your production setup. Say goodbye to uncontrolled bass and hello to a snare that feels good for a change.

Enter the MUO Christmas Giveaway

Now all you have to do is… enter! We’ve got a selection of great prizes to give away, and we’re pretty sure whoever wins is going to have a wonderful Christmas period playing with their new technology (while listening to music on their ridiculously cool headphones). are, of course). Good luck to you!

At MUO, we write for you, our dear readers who are always interested in finding the best tips and tricks about the technology you love, reading reviews of cool gadgets we can get our hands on, finding the best deals available, and more.

As the holidays approach, we’re going to gift some lucky readers with some cool prizes. With over $14,000 in total prizes, our final giveaway of the year is also our biggest one yet! Are you as excited as we are?!

How MUO’s giveaway works

We know you’re curious about the prizes, but we have to get down to the basics first, namely the mechanics of the giveaway. Our biggest gift has one condition, namely that you must sign up for one of our three new, weekly newsletters: MUO Linux, MUO Apple, and MUO Windows!

The super important detail here is that you need to sign up for one of these niche newsletters, not just MUO Daily. However, looking at the themes of these newsletters, we are sure that you will find one that suits your needs depending on the operating system you use on a daily basis.

Don’t worry, because you won’t be bombarded with emails. These new niche MUO newsletters will come out once a week with the most popular articles, deals, guides, tips and more. You can expect the same high quality that you get from our regular newsletter!

You can sign up for more than one of our newsletters, but you’ll only get one giveaway entry. If you’re only interested in the cheap, we get it, although we hope you’re here to stay. The important part is that you should still be able to subscribe to the chosen newsletter once the giveaway ends! To learn more, please read our privacy policy.

Someone win

Winners will be selected at random from the subscriber pool of the MUO Apple, MUO Linux, and MUO Windows newsletters. Winners will be notified via email.

There are 8 prizes to be won, prizes we’ll get to in a minute. Before that, though, we have to mention that most of our prizes can be shipped exclusively to the United States.

We have one exception to this rule – the ADO A20+ Hybrid 20 Inch Folding Electric Bike, which can only be shipped within the EU.

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