Is working remotely getting you down? Missing spending time with your mates? Virtual workspaces are specially designed for remote workers who crave spending time with others. With virtual coworking spaces, the possibilities are endless!

Imagine being able to work on a project together in the comfort of your home, or even while traveling. You can make new connections, brainstorm ideas and collaborate with colleagues in different cities and countries. If you’re looking for an alternative to the traditional office, virtual coworking spaces may be the perfect solution.

1. Butter

Butter is a collaboration platform that enables remote workers to join online meetings, collaborate on projects, and stay connected with their colleagues, no matter where they are. It’s excellent for teams working remotely, as it offers reusable rooms, session planners, and breakout rooms.

Butter is a great option for connecting with your peers for coffee sessions, game nights, and other casual occasions, as it offers a more relaxed vibe than Zoom/Slack/Teams calls. Butter is also great for brainstorming and problem-solving sessions, as it allows integration with other apps like Miro and Google Docs.

2. Focusmate

Focusmate is a digital coworking platform that allows users to find and connect with others to work together remotely. It’s the perfect way to find the motivation and productivity you need while working from home.

With FocusMate, you can join 25, 50 and 75 minute sessions and collaborate with other professionals. Virtual coworking spaces provide an ideal environment in which to work and communicate safely and securely.

You can either join one of the existing sessions or create your own session. Once you’re logged in, you’ll be able to share your screen and audio with other participants, chat, and receive feedback on any projects you’re working on.

3. Cofocus

CoFocus is a virtual coworking space that provides an innovative way to work remotely from anywhere. CoFocus allows you to connect with other users in a secure, private space for joint work sessions. The platform fosters collaboration and accountability among participants, encouraging users to stay on task and complete projects together.

With CoFocus, you can join 50-minute 1-1 peer sessions over video. The app also allows you to choose your session type based on the type of work, and if you want to share your audio and screen. The app works by booking sessions at your desired time slot. When it’s time for your session, simply join, and you’ll be paired with another user selecting the same time slot.

You can congratulate your colleague, share your goals for this work session, and get to work. The sound of a bell marks the end of your 50-minute session, when you can again chat with your colleague, discuss how you achieved your goals, or anything else.

4. LifeAt

If you’re looking for efficient and effective work-from-home solutions, LifeAt is undoubtedly worth considering. With LifeAt, you can join existing coworking/study rooms, or create your own. In virtual rooms, members can chat in real time, share screens, and even share ideas.

LifeAt is fully customizable for each user, allowing you to tailor the environment to accommodate your unique work style. The platform offers a host of features such as Pomodoro timer, to-do list, calendar integration, video conferencing, a soundboard, and more. Whether you’re in the office, at home, or traveling, LifeAt is the perfect way to make sure you stay productive, engaged, and up-to-date with your tasks.

5. blown away

Flown is a virtual coworking platform that provides daily deeply-focused sessions to get work done. They offer 80+ scheduled sessions each week where you can find accountability partners, and also round-the-clock drop-in sessions where you can join and drop in at any time. Flown is a virtual coworking platform that provides daily deep-focus sessions to get things done. They offer 80+ scheduled sessions each week where you can find accountability partners, and also offer round-the-clock drop-in sessions where you can join and drop in at any time.

Flow’s focus sessions also include facilitators who can help you with breath work, mindfulness, and other factors that can increase your productivity even more. It’s the perfect virtual coworking platform for those who want to make their remote working experience as efficient and effective as possible.

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Virtual co-working spaces have certainly become the new way of working in this day and age.

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