WhatsApp is used by individuals, friends, families and businesses around the world to stay connected. And WhatsApp groups make it easy for groups of people to communicate in real-time.

Since the messaging app launched group chats in 2011, WhatsApp has increased group member limits to accommodate larger groups and communities.

So how many members can be added to a WhatsApp group? let’s find out.

How many members can be added to a WhatsApp group?

The size of a WhatsApp group can be up to 1024 people, which is up from the previous limit of 512. The increase in group limit was announced when the company launched Communities globally on WhatsApp in November 2022.

The group’s range growth is likely to be partly driven more towards businesses. WhatsApp Business is different from regular WhatsApp because businesses have different needs and uses for the platform than individual users. With large groups, businesses can keep customers updated about new announcements.

The increased WhatsApp group limit may also help boost the community feature. The company is emphasizing community so that it becomes a central feature that people use in their personal lives and work lives.

To use the latest features of WhatsApp, make sure you have the latest version of the app installed.

WhatsApp is making it easier for communities to connect with its app

Communities are essential for social media companies. By doubling the maximum number of participants in a WhatsApp group, WhatsApp ensures that both communities and different types of groups can connect on its platform while ensuring that those connections are safe and secure for everyone who uses it. We do.

It has long been possible to make audio and video calls from the WhatsApp mobile application. But in March 2021, the company introduced this feature in the desktop version as well.

Read on to learn how to make audio and video calls using the WhatsApp desktop app.

Make end-to-end encrypted calls on desktop WhatsApp version

The feature became available to a small group of WhatsApp users in late 2020, but as of March 2021, the company announced that it had been rolled out to everyone else. This means that you can make both audio and video calls to your friends and family using the WhatsApp app on desktop or mobile.

However, there’s one feature missing at launch—you won’t be able to start a group call. You can only make one-to-one calls. WhatsApp says that it plans to include the group calling feature on its desktop version in the future.

What you need to use the calling feature in WhatsApp for desktop

The calling feature is available for both Windows and macOS WhatsApp desktop app versions. However, you must check whether your laptop or computer is running the required OS version or not.

If you are a Windows user, your device must be running Windows 10 64-bit version 1903. If you have a Mac, you need to make sure it’s running macOS 10.13 or later.

Plus, you’ll need a camera and a microphone with speakers to make video calls. And of course, an active internet connection.

If you don’t already have the WhatsApp application installed on your computer, you should download and install it.

It is important to note that WhatsApp Desktop is a standalone app, unlike WhatsApp Web, a browser version that does not have a calling feature.

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