FuboTV has announced in a statement that its recent service outage during the France vs. Morocco World Cup game was caused by a cyberattack.

FuboTV’s outage was the result of cyber criminals

On December 15, 2022, sports-focused streaming service FuboTV released a statement via Business Wire regarding the outage customers experienced during the France vs. Morocco World Cup soccer game on December 14. The game was being streamed on FuboTV’s platform, however at this point customers reported that they were having trouble accessing their accounts.

FuboTV has announced in a statement that its recent service outage during the France vs. Morocco World Cup game was caused by a cyberattack.

FuboTV immediately took to Twitter to apologize to users for the issue, describing it as a “cyber-related incident” at the time.

Shortly thereafter, FuboTV discovered that the outage was caused by a cyberattack and not some sort of bandwidth issue on the company’s side.

FuboTV managed to stop the attack shortly after the issue arose, and is working on restoring users’ access to their FuboTV account as quickly as possible. In a statement to BusinessWire, FuboTV told readers that it “deeply regret[s] the disruption this incident has caused in the meantime.”

FuboTV did not elaborate on the attack.

At the time of writing, FuboTV has not discussed the nature of the attack that took place on 14 December. We don’t know if this was a type of denial-of-service attack, a zero-day exploit, or some other method.

We also do not know whether the cyber criminals responsible for this attack managed to get their hands on any valuable data such as personal customer information.

It seems that the investigation of this cyber crime is in its initial stages. FuboTV assures readers that it will provide more information as things progress.

FuboTV is investigating the attack

FuboTV wrote in the above statement that it is currently investigating the attack to determine what happened. The company has teamed up with cybersecurity firm Mandiant to monitor the incident more closely and develop a response. FuboTV has also alerted law enforcement of the attack.

We may receive updates from FuboTV regarding this incident in the near future as the investigation progresses.

Online services continue to be targets of cyber criminals

As time goes on, we are seeing more and more well-known digital platforms falling prey to cyber attacks. This most recent incident with FuboTV is representative of how malicious actors take advantage of illegal methods to compromise online services and influence users.

It’s official: FuboTV is eliminating the Starter Bundle for new subscribers, while current members will still be able to keep their subscriptions. Thankfully, FuboTV still offers great plans you can choose from.

What’s Up With FuboTV’s Starter Bundle?

FuboTV has decided to stop offering the Starter Bundle to new customers. The move comes as the company is revamping its plans, offering more Cloud DVR storage space and more simultaneous streams.

FuboTV claims that over time it has seen customers max out the DVR usage, meaning that the 250 hours of cloud DVR space offered by the prior Starter plan was no longer in line with what customers needed. Hence, the new plans give more value to the consumers.

Why is the starter plan expiring?

The Starter plan has been around for several years, providing access to 118 channels, three simultaneous streams, and 250 hours of cloud DVR storage for $64.99/month.

The company claims that it has always been FuboTV’s mission to offer a premier package of premium sports, news, entertainment and innovative product features while keeping the value and cost low for consumers.

Among the significant upgrades FuboTV has made to its platform, perks are the most notable. The Pro plan has the same channel setup as the former Starter bundle, but costs $69.99/month. However, you can stream to up to 10 devices simultaneously instead of three screens.

Plus, you can now record up to 1,000 hours instead of only being able to record up to 250 hours of content. So, with a better plan available for only $5 more, the company has no reason to keep the Starter plan around any longer.

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